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It is based on the universal data warehouse design with different prebuilt adapters that can connect to various source application to bring the data into the data warehouse. There are other furniture companies in Dhaka like Akter furniture, Hatil furniture, and various types of home furnishing companies who are the minor competitors of our company.

Due to the high prices, it is usual that people who have been working for at least ten-to-twelve years can afford to buy OTOBI products. And we will give our members special discount. In this growing mobile culture, people demand light furniture, which they would be able to transport easily from one place to another.


But we asked and able to get information from some employee on the Otobi showroom. However, if the middle class is considered, OTOBI loses customers of average-income group to competitors who provide products at a lower rate. Ashik Mahmudul Hoque Director of Sales: They are located mainly near the showrooms.

The main reason is the fact that their main clients are the corporate customers who, unlike household customers, do not require television commercials to be influenced. With time, people are becoming more aware about the positive impact decoration and design in an office can have on the people working there.

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Owing to the high demand for furniture made of wrought iron; OTOBI has recently started producing such furniture. OTOBI entered not only the domestic market but also the international market. The discount depends on the type of deal and relationship with the client. You can implement OBIA later.

Findings and Analysis 8. And the information is, Otobi paid salary to their employees under two category.


A brief Background of the company 3. This urges the customer to buy these additional products from Otobi in decorating their homes. In addition, people want furniture at affordable prices so that they would be able to make new purchases at regular intervals.

The political condition of the country can jeopardize the future growth of the company, as it is hinders the usual import and export transactions of the company as well as its operations. Our advertising budget mainly for space in the specialty catalogue and newspaper add.

This acts as a disadvantage because sponsoring is also a very good promotional tool. It was one of the first, certainly the first we are aware of, to develop home furnishings and office furnishing and market through advertising in in news paper, billboard, magazines, TV commercial.

Commercial product configuration make an order on your PC together with your client, e. Production bill of materials, work schedule, fast stock request, minimum loss lengths I. Replacement of wood with wood substitutes is not only contributing in helping the government for the safety of the environment, but at the same time has made furniture affordable among the mass.

In case of Otobi, television commercial is not very prominent. But some activities is common all types of organization. So basically this report will deal with the Experiential Retail and Experiential Marketing strategies taken by them around the globe and also in our country.

They Otobi provide business process integration services for wood importers and dealers, and companies who process rough wood into semi-finished products planks, veneer, panelling material or into fully finished products, such as furniture.


The raw materials it uses are imported from Malaysia. Akmol Hydar Director of finance: Accounting and Fiscal Operations C. Overview of the industry: On the other hand, both male and female usually come together to purchase home furnishings.

It is the data warehouse based solution. Anything in here will be replaced on browsers that support the canvas element. “Otobi” which is the first Multinational Company in Bangladesh.

In writing this report I came to know about different facets of Retail business and creating the brand equity about.

ANNUAL REPORT NATIONAL DIRECTORATE OF EMPLOYMENT. JOBS FOR ALL. To design and implement job creation programmes that will promote attitudinal change, employment.

A report on measuring the satisfaction level of customers: A Survey on Otobi Furniture. 1 A report on measuring the satisfaction level of customers: A Survey on Otobi Furniture. A report on measuring the satisfaction level of customers: A Survey on Otobi Furniture.

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1 A report on measuring the satisfaction level of customers: A Survey on Otobi Furniture. 2, emtel mauritius annual report jobs found, pricing in INRWe are looking for a freelancer to update our annual report from to We are looking for a new design and new master pages.

The content is the same than the previous year. emtel ltd annual reportannual report otobi, manager emtel.

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