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However, well-grounded assumptions and guesses may greatly increase the value of the research. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article. Identify the full title of the seminar you attended, the date, time and location of the program, and the name of the seminar instructor.

The Conclusions will summarize what has been learned, looking back to the Introduction to recall what the speaker was trying to achieve. The objectives should be expressed in such a way that the reader can control whether the objectives have been achieved or not.

Executive summary The seminar report should include an executive summary. Even if they ended up paying a small proportion of this bill, it would increase understanding of the price of education and the subsidy provided from the public purse.

Evaluate the Instructor Make a subheading titled "Instructor Expertise. Deciding the approach is important, since each of the approaches should result in somewhat different papers and have different emphasis on the introduction sections as well.

The workshop tried to define the role that learning outcomes should play in external quality assurance and how they can or should be considered within the scope of external quality assurance. Creating and promoting "early wins" is particularly important for encouraging others to take up the gauntlet.

Loans were discussed as a financing option that can provide wider access to education than grants. Direct quotations should be used sparingly. The government can close down consistent underperformers. Faculty support is vital for most higher education initiatives, but it is of paramount importance that faculty members have belief in the curriculum they teach.

Standardised procedures would lead to the much more effective use of funds. With limited resources, reform efforts are constrained by the pressures placed on those attempting to implement change. This synthesis can be presented, for example, in the form of a table, a figure, a summary of the existing knowledge pointing out areas which have not been studied yet, or any combination of these.

Each context should show whether the information in question is based on a literary source the source must be given as a citation based on an interview the source must be given as a citation research result based on empirical data collected by the author deduction of the author assumption of the author guess of the author Only generally known and fully verified matters may be presented without reference or grounds.

Globalisation offers economic opportunities to Asia, but it also raises questions of the extent to which higher education systems can retain Asian values and promote Asian culture.

Note the different formats for citing a paper in a journal, a complete book, a contributed chapter in an edited book, an unpublished work, a web site, etc. The value of the literature study is greatly increased if the author succeeds in creating his own outline and synthesis of the previous research on the same subject.

Seminar report preparation. Sample reports and guidelines

What were the speaker's objectives for this seminar. Loan schemes are complicated in developing countries by the complexity of creating semi-commercial or non-commercial structures. What are the sub-objectives of the study. Over the course of the conference, a proposal to launch such a network took shape and this forms the core of the concluding section of this report.

How to Write a Seminar Report

The order of importance of the objectives should be described. In this role, it can set boundaries, regulate quality and ensure access for disadvantaged groups.

Developing countries need higher education - and they need it increasingly. It also gives women who cannot or do not wish to leave home the chance to study. The second major issue discussed was the quality of higher education delivery. Evaluate the Course Content Create a subheading with the title "Course Content" in caps and address the quality, thoroughness and timeliness of the material you were given.

The fourth team will attempt to create a National Higher Education Commission to support and nurture the process. Report of Seminar - Trends in Health Care. January 27, ; Nursing; Revolution in health care is a result of advancement in Medicine and Nursing as well as the changes occurring in the society.

Recent advances in health care system is to promote human health, to prevent disease and optimize wellness. A seminar on 'Trends in Healthcare. Report of Seminar - Trends in Health Care. January 27, ; Nursing; Revolution in health care is a result of advancement in Medicine and Nursing as well as the changes occurring in the society.

Short Seminar Report Seminar on Aging in Developing Countries: Building Bridges for Integrated Research Agendas. Santiago, Chile, April regional workshop and seminar on evaluation capacity development for africa johannesburg, september summary report on seminar proceedings.

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The emphasis of your report should be on the ideas presented in the seminar, not on the formulas and proofs.

Guidelines for writing the final report

Give formulas only as necessary to illustrate specific points. If you want to describe a derivation or a proof, you should outline the approach used without repeating all of the details.

Report seminar
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Seminar Reports